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Jeans: Choosing the Right Fit

Jeans are pants also known as blue jeans, and were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. They are a very popular form of dressing casual. Big & Tall Guys carries a wide range of jeans, and they come in different styles to fit different types of bodies. This article will discuss the five main styles that we carry: Regular Fit, Relaxed Fit, Loose Fit, Stretch, and Full Elastic.

Regular Fit - Regular Fit jeans offer the least amount of room. They are as slim as you get in Big & Tall clothing for men. Most guys don't wear jeans at their belly button. Most wear them down about 2 inches on the hips. These jeans are designed for the guy with a smaller rear end. In fact, this cut is perfect for this guy. They are also good for a guy without a heavy or thick leg. Manufacturers of this includes Wrangler, Lee, Grand River, Levis and Carhartt. This jean also is popular among tall men who do not want the extra material present in looser fits.

Relaxed Fit - The Relaxed Fit jean is the most popular fit. It's a casual fit. There is more room below the rear end and in the thigh area. This type of jean is not clingy, it is easy to walk in and get up and down stairs. We carry relaxed fit jeans in Wrangler, Levis, Grand River, Greystone, and Carhartt. This jean works well for guys with large, muscular legs, and those that need more room than a regular fit. It's a fashion fit in that it gives more room, a casual, comfortable look.

Loose Fit - Loose Fit jeans were started by kids that wear them halfway down their legs. They are very popular for a guy who is bigger in the rear end and the upper leg. These jeans have very little taper. There is plenty of room and they are comfortable for the larger guy who needs some extra space. Greystone is a popular manufacturer along with Levis.

Stretch - Stretch jeans have become quite popular. Non-stretch jeans are 100% cotton. The manufacturers took out 3% of the cotton and added Lycra®. This allows for much more movement, and the jeans will stretch, making you feel better when sitting down, getting into a car, etc. This type of jean is 3 ounces lighter too. Regular denim is a 14 ounce jean; Stretch is a lighter weight jean at 11 ounces. Wrangler, Grand River and Lee make these jeans for Big & Tall men. The stretch jean is a little dressier than traditional. Not quite as durable, but it is more comfortable.

Full Elastic - Finally, by LD Sport, there is the fully elastic waistband jean, which is great for an older man or bigger man, something easy to slip on. Instead of just wearing sweats, this has a wide leg, and it has pockets. The full elastic waistband ensures complete comfortable for any size guy.

An Introduction to Big and Tall Guys

by Scott Linon

Big & Tall Guys has been a clothing store since 1922, where people walk in, we wait on them, measure them, and then help them find the clothes that suit them best. If there's ever a problem, they can come back and make an exchange or get a refund, always their choice. The internet has changed some of this, but as you'll see, we still have our roots in the qualties that make us your online hometown community store.

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Titusville, home of Big & Tall Guys, is in rural Pennsylvania, two hours north of Pittsburgh, and an hour south of Erie. Years ago, every town in America had several clothing stores like our store, and cities had dozens of them. But with the advent of major highways, massive malls, and super stores like Wal-Mart, many of the smaller, family-owned stores were methodically shut down and put out of business. Our society's pace has changed too. Our parents and their parents spent more time doing the basics, including shopping for clothing. Now, shopping needs to be a quick process, and one where you can compare one store to another quickly. That's what gave birth to Internet-based shopping, and we saw this trending over a dozen years ago, and why we put together

I was recently inside K-Mart and was standing in line with eight people. There were 10 registers and only one was open. No staff there to help. This is different than what a small business can offer in the way of customer service and the shopping experience.

Taking Big & Tall Guys to the internet was not reinventing the wheel. It was taking our products and bringing the appeal of small store shopping to a wider audience. Advantages to the consumer? Our staff, for example, is very knowledgeable about the products that we sell and can take the time to get to know the customer, and their needs. They know the different brands we carry, and they are very hands-on with the products on a daily basis. This makes for an efficient yet comforting shopping experience for you.

Let's face facts. There are many of us who fall into the Big & Tall category. Being our niche, we're able to concentrate on those products that fit us properly and those manufacturers who are willing to service our needs. Big box stores that dabble in the big and tall sizes don't have the buying expertise to choose the better products for the consumer, and instead end up just having some of everything, whether it provides a good fit for the big and tall person or not.

Our philosophy demands that we provide the best product at the best price from the best source. That's why we provide options to you from Levis, Wrangler, Russell Athletic and other quality, well-known brands. But we don't stop there. Because our focus is on this niche market, we're able to find specialty companies, smaller ones that are overlooked by the big box stores, and help bring their products to market. This gives you, the consumer, an excellent opportunity to find quality products for less in sizes that fit you comfortably.

Customer service. For some it is just a policy statement. For us, it's a way of life. You have a question? Call us on our toll free number. Send us an email. Send us a message on Facebook. Write us a letter. Stop into our store. We're big enough to provide you with many ways to contact us, but small enough so that if you want to talk to me, the President, you can do so. If you have a question, or a problem, our staff, some of whom have been with me for 25 years, is ready, willing and able to help you.

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Our focus is truly on the big and tall person. We have products from 2x to 10x, so we don't just carry a few extra large sizes and call ourselves fluent in big and tall. Everything we do is focused on big and tall. We offer some services that your parents came to expect, but that slowly faded away in so many stores, like free alterations. Need your pants hemmed to a certain length? We will do that for you, FREE of charge. Ask a big box store about their free alterations and their staff will look at you like you are crazy. Perhaps Big & Tall Guys is crazy...crazy about customer service!

As you look through our site, you'll see the breadth of product choices and of sizes. In jeans alone, for example, we offer regular fit, relaxed fit, loose fit and stretch, and we offer these in a very wide range of sizes and from multiple manufacturers. We have six different types of shirts. All of the basic are represented, including sleepwear, underwear, shorts, socks and sweats. We have specialty products, like dress wear and outerwear and footwear. Accessories for the big and tall person are often hard to find, but not here with our wide range of belts and suspenders and ties. We can't be everything for everybody, but we can offer a wonderful shopping experience that matches the experience you would get in a hometown store; talking to the owner, and get any questions answered.

We also leverage technology to enhance your experience with us. We can provide you with your online order history, for example. This can help you remember what brands and products and sizes you need, and, by viewing returns, if any, you can see what didn't work, which is just as important.

In summation, in a fast-paced world where it is click-click-click with the big box stores, isn't it nice to be able to come to a website where you can be treated as an individual, where you can find solid information, and where you can get quality pricing, on quality products, from a company that will stand behind those products, and stand ready to serve you in any way that you need.

I will be following up this article with a series of additional informational articles on subject like how to choose the best type of jeans depending upon the fit you want, and, big vs. tall and which sizing should you choose. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your big and tall shopping experience with us.


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